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Blockchain in Health & Safety

Blockchain in Health & Safety Training programme in Manorhamilton Co. Leitrim Ireland

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Blockchain Case Study 

Use of blockchain for health and safety in the Construction, Quarrying and Manufacturing

Blockchain inspiration using real-life examples from a working quarry in the west of Ireland. Risk reduction using Blockchain Workflow and safety improvements Tamper-proof health & Safety audit trails


This course allows participants to establish how critical health and safety information can be stored and audited using blockchain technology. This model enables responsible officers to be sure of their health and safety data using an immutable ledger.

Participants will learn how blockchain ledgers operate and how to deploy one for managing health and safety data between parties, insurance companies and contractors. They will be provided with information on how blockchain can have a real impact on safety, create better workflow and reduce risks and non -compliance

Who should attend? 

Manufacturing, Construction, Quarrying Facilities and Health and Safety companies – Asset Managers, Responsible Persons, Project Managers, Maintenance & Admin staff in Offices & Personal On-site


€800 *

*With a Skillnet discount of 25%


1 day of in-person training 

Upcoming Dates 


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W8 Centre, Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim



Course Content 


Understanding blockchain and the use of decentralised ledger technology for data management Introduction to blockchain

  • History of Blockchain
  • Real-world blockchain use cases
  • Health and safety ledgers
  • Financial NFTs
  • The power of blockchain
  • Blockchain in banking & finance
  • Blockchain for supply chain management and certifying origin
  • Blockchain for intellectual property
  • Example use cases of Blockchain in the health and safety industry.

Bite-sized fundamentals

  • What is blockchain
  • What is a block in a Blockchain?
  • Block components: Data Hash
  • Hash inherited from the previous block

What is a hash? The concept of digital fingerprinting.

  • How the blockchain is formed
  • Hash inheritance in blockchain and the benefits for health and safety management
  • Data immutability and how blockchain technology prevents data tampering 
  • Distributed ledger technology and its use in health and safety
  • Centralised health and safety ledgers versus distributed ledgers
  • The difference between blockchain and databases
  • Types of blockchain Permissioned vs permissionless
  • Pros and cons of different types of blockchain
  • Use of blockchain for smart contracts

Learning Outcomes –

1. Better understand the potential for blockchain to improve health and safety data, compliance and safety outcomes.
2. Have the knowledge to implement data management processes using blockchain in their organisations
3. Realise the importance of contractor buy in and inclusion to operate the system.
4. Communicating with insurance company to be within the blockchain to lower risk level in manufacturing, construction, and quarrying and in return to lower yearly insurance premiums.


Course Content Cont.

IoT – Internet of Things

  • What is the internet of things?
  • Examples of IoT in everyday life
  • Smart homes
  • Smart cars
  • Radiofrequency technology
  • What is RF technology
  • Choosing the right RF technology


Module Teaching

Participants enjoy the challenge of active learning through peer learning experiences. Fostering trust and collegiality where learners feel comfortable bringing real-life experiences to the fore is key to successful learning. The tutor takes responsibility for guiding and encouraging learners in a structured fashion to meet the learning outcomes.

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