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AI Business Strategy Workshop – Skellig AI

Course Description

This programme is run in conjenction with industry leaders, Skellig AI.

After completing this programme the participant should have a fundamental grasp of the possibilities presented by AI and how it can be effectively integrated into the business. 

During class you will learn about:

  • The fundamentals of AI
  • Benefits of AI to industry
  • How to apply AI systems to your business

Course Agenda

 AI in 2022: A high-level overview of AI and Data Science work, what’s different today and telling the reality from the hype.

  • Gathering and Curating Your Company’s Data: Discover the type of data your business is generating and how it can be captured, curated and processed to deliver valuable insights.
  • Translating the Business value of Data Science: Understanding where the real value exists in your business’s data, as well as the risks and challenges, such as ethics.

Learning the Lingo/Know what you’re talking about: Understanding the technology ecosystem and technical resources available.

  • Case studies: See where AI has already delivered tangible value to businesses.
  • Getting started with AI: Moving beyond the theory to actions to identify the value opportunity in your business. From collecting and curating your data, to identifying the technical resources needed to exploit them.

Upcoming Dates

Enquire for upcoming dates or check out our calendar here.

Membership benefits

Find out how a free membership to the Industry 4.0 Skillnet network can save you up to 30% on this programme.

Who Should Attend

Individuals who have little technical experience but want to find out how these technologies could improve their company.


This is an entry level programme for individuals without previous experience in AI technologies.

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