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KRC4 Electrical Servicing – System Technology

Siemens and Rockwell systems

Price €2,535

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Course Description

This programme is run in conjenction with industry leaders, KUKA Robotics.

The participants in this seminar are trained in the fundamentals of proper fault diagnosis and troubleshooting for the electrical equipment of the robot system KRC4 including the necessary network basics for recommissioning a KRC4 system after repair work.

During class you will learn about:

  • Creating test programs
  • Repair intructions
  • Replacing components
  • Maintenance and repair work

Course Agenda

  • Safety when working with KUKA training robots
  • Recognising and avoiding hazards when handling electrical components of the KR C4
  • Avoiding hazards when handling ESD components of the KR C4
  • Basic knowledge of the structure of a KR C4 controller
  • Technical data and control concept
  • Cooling and energy saving
  • Basic knowledge of the structure of a KR C4 control computer
  • Exchanging the control PC properly
  • Exchanging the individual PC components
  • Overview of the bus systems of the KR C4 controller
  • Exchanging drive components on the KUKA Controller Bus
  • Interfacing capability of the KR C4 controller using the KUKA Extension Bus and the KUKA Line Interface
  • Troubleshooting by evaluating the display on the Controller System Panel
  • Basic knowledge of network technology
  • Familiarisation with various network components
  • Selecting and assigning IP addresses and subnet masks
  • Configuring the KUKA Line Interface
  • Establishing a remote desktop connection to the KR C4 controller
  • Basic principles of Ethernet-based field buses of the KRC4
  • Familiarisation with components of the KR C4
  • Exchanging components of the KR C4
  • Safety concept of the KR C4
  • Safety by means of ProfiSAFE or the Safety Interface Board
  • Software concept and data handling
  • Installing software by means of KRC System Recovery
  • Data archiving by means of images

Membership benefits

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Who Should Attend

This programme is specifically aimed towards Robot Service Technicians.


Training in a mechanical trade is useful, safety footwear is a prerequisite for all course participants. 


4 days

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