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Drone Technology – EU Specific Category Theoretical Course & Flight Exam

The Industry 4.0 Skillnet funding is available to Irish Private Construction and Quarrying companies (including Sole Traders).


This Course is compulsory if you want to become a holder of an Operational Authorisation. You will have to submit an Operations Manual, with either a PDRA or a SORA, in order to operate under one of the Standard Scenarios. Specific Drone Operations are considered to be High Risk, whereas the Open Category Operations are deemed as Low Risk operations.

This is a 12-hour course. This course covers all subjects that are necessary for Drone Operations on Fixed-Wing. Multi-Rotor UAVs and Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL). There is a Theoretical Proctored Exam at the end of the Course. This Theoretical Proctored Exam has 50 questions of multiple choice. You must receive 75% of the overall marks to successfully pass the course. Outside of this course the student must complete a Continuous Assessment course prior to taking their Practical Flight Exam.

Who should attend? 

Manufacturing, Construction and Quarrying companies – Engineers, Architect’s, OPW, ESB, Irish Water, Project Managers, Maintenance & Personal On-site


Subject Covered:

• Specific Category
• Airspace.
• U.F 101 Application to request Permission to Fly a UAS inside a Controlled Traffic Area.
• Navigation.
• Meteorology.
• Technical and operational mitigations for ground risk.
• UAS Flight Performance.
• SORA (Specific Operating Risk Assessment) Part One.
• SORA (Specific Operating Risk Assessment) Part Two.
• Technical and operational mitigation for air risks.
• Human Factors.
• Data Protection – Introduction.
• Written Exam.


Upcoming Public Dates 

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Full Price €750 / Industry 4.0 Skillnet Special Offer 50% off €375 


2 Days




All Students must be set up on the MYSRS Portal and have completed A1/A3 Proof of online training course.

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