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Robotics Sim Pro Workshop – KUKA

Robotics Sim Pro Workshop – KUKA

Price €1,215

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Course Description

The goal of the workshop is to acquire basic skills required for operating a KUKA robot system through simulation. Participants will become qualified to use KUKA robotics through this programme and receive a certification.

During class you will learn about:

  • The operation of KUKA robots
  • Executing Programs
  • Working with program modules

Course Agenda

  • Operating KUKA robots 
  • Recognising and avoiding hazards when operating KUKA robots 
  • Basic knowledge of the structure of a robot system and controller 
  • Overview and use of the KUKA SmartPad (HMI) 
  • Moving the robot manually using, Axis specific, World, Tool and base.
  • Selecting and setting the appropriate operating mode 
  • Performing an initialisation run 
  • Selecting, starting and executing robot programs manually and in automatic modes 
  • Executing a program start via a PLC 
  • Displaying robot states (I/O signals, counters) 
  • Reading and interpreting robot controller messages 
  • Displaying the current robot position 
  • Working with program files 
  • Creating, deleting, renaming, duplicating program modules 
  • Archiving and restoring program modules 
  • Adapting and modifying robot programs 
  • Creating new motion commands (point-to-point and continuous-path motions) with KUKA inline forms 
  • Modifying motion commands 
  • Correcting and adapting positions, displaying saved values (variables) and modifying the values 
  • Using technology packages, gripper operation 
  • Programming gripper commands with KUKA inline forms 
  • Reading and understanding logic commands in existing programs 
  • Principle of mastering and checking the mastering 

Upcoming Dates

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Membership benefits

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2 Days

Who Should Attend

Anyone looking to gain a basic understanding of KUKA robotics. This programme is most suited to operators looking to become qualified in the use of KUKA robotics.


This is an entry level programme to gain an understandiong KUKA robotics.

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