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FactoryTalk View ME and PanelView Plus Programming

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Course Description

After completing this course, given a computer with FactoryTalk® View Machine Edition (ME) software and a PanelView™ Plus terminal, you should be able to produce an operational application running on the terminal.

During class, you will practice the following hands-on skills:

  • Prepare a PanelView Plus terminal for operation
  • Create a new application and run it on a terminal
  • Create, configure, and animate graphic objects on graphic displays
  • Configure security for granting/restricting access to certain graphic displays or for rights to perform certain actions
  • Create and configure messages and alarms for alerting operators to changes in a process

Course Agenda

Day 1

  • Configuring a PanelView Plus Terminal
  • Creating and Customizing a FactoryTalk View ME Application
  • Configuring RSLinx® Enterprise
  • Configuring FactoryTalk Security
  • Creating and Modifying Tags
  • Adding and Configuring
    FactoryTalk View ME Graphic Displays

Day 2

  • Creating and Manipulating Graphic Objects
  • Creating and Configuring Interactive Controls
  • Configuring Security for FactoryTalk View ME Displays
  • Creating and Managing FactoryTalk View ME Runtime Files
  • Configuring Basic Animation for FactoryTalk View ME Objects

Day 3

  • Creating and Configuring Alarms
  • Creating and Configuring Macros
  • Configuring Recipes with the RecipePlus System
  • Configuring Language Switching
  • Creating Data Logs and Trends

Day 4

  • Creating Tag Placeholders and Parameter Files
  • Creating and Configuring Information Messages
  • Adding Global Objects to a FactoryTalk View ME Application
  • Inserting Faceplates in a FactoryTalk View ME Application

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Who Should Attend

Individuals who need to create FactoryTalk ME applications for use on a PanelView Plus terminal should attend this course.


To successfully complete this course, the following prerequisite is required:

  • Completion of the Studio 5000 Logix Designer Level 1: ControlLogix System Fundamentals (Course No. CCP146) or basic experience with ControlLogix® tags and architecture. Technology Requirements

All technology is provided for student use in the classroom by Rockwell Automation. It is not necessary for students to bring any technology with them when attending this course.

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