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Certified PSM™ Professional Scrum Master course – Online Self-paced

Course Description

Working smarter is better than working harder!

A Scrum Master is a key enabler that oversees the application of the Scrum Process to the project, establishing and maintaining a productive effective work environment.

This training course looks at using the Scrum methodologies to break up big tasks into smaller, manageable to-do lists, how to prioritise and assign tasks in order to meet deadlines for upcoming projects.

We have delivered our Scrum course to the biggest brands in Ireland, so you can have confidence in our ability to deliver the results you want to achieve!

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Course Overview:

This Certified PSM™ Professional Scrum Master course is designed enhance your skills, improve teamwork and increase productivity in the area of Agile/Scrum Project Management.

Understand the practices of Scrum with a pragmatic approach: you’ll know when the rules need to be broken
Improve how you do Scrum now, whether your next sprint is your first or your 100th.
Facilitate effective key Scrum meetings to get the best from your team.
Know how to apply the techniques immediately after the course
Scale Scrum to large, multi-continent projects with team sizes in the hundreds
Be ready to complete the PSM I Exam


Course Content:

1. Introduction to Agile

Agile values, principles and practices
Plan Driven VS. Agile: how Scrum is different from traditional Project Management
Business benefits of Agile and common practices

2. The Scrum Framework

Scrum Roles: Characteristics & Demands and self-organising teams
Scrum Events: The Sprint, Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review & Retrospective
Scrum Artefacts: Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, The Increment

3. Requirements in Agile

Exercise: Using User Stories to Manage Requirements
Rightsizing Work: Delivering Product Increments
Exercise: Breaking up Work and Defining Spikes

Upcoming Public Dates

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Contact us for an In-Company training -Paul  [email protected]  / [email protected]

Location:  Online Self Paced Course with 12 hours of video & sample exam questions

Price – Full Price € 495/ Industry 4.0 Skillnet Price €206.50

Duration – 12 hours (pause, rewind and rewatch) / 1 year 




4. Release and Sprint Planning

Effectively managing change with Scrum
Minimum Viable Features, Releases, Costing and Planning Scrum Projects
Working with Scrum at Scale and across Distributed Organisations

5. Scrum Simulation

Here we simulate a Scrum project, taking on the
roles, using the artefacts and experiencing the
ceremonies defined in the Scrum Framework


Our PSM™ Professional Scrum Master exam preparation course takes learners through the terminology, practices, principles and mock exams that will enable candidates to successfully undertake the PSM1 Exam through with confidence and ability.

After successfully completing the course and exam, you will be awarded with a PSM™ Professional Scrum Master Certification.


Contact Details:
Paul Quinn, Network Manager
T: 071 9317 485 / E: [email protected]

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