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Robot Selection and Integration – KUKA

Robotic Production line

Price €3,195

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Course Description

This programme is run in conjenction with industry leaders, KUKA Robotics.

The participants in this seminar are trained in the fundamentals of robot selection, mechanical integration, electrical integration and software integration

During class you will learn about:

  • Selection of robots and the criteria for selection
  • Overview of KUKA interfaces and controllers
  • Introduction to light weight robots

Course Agenda

  • Introduction to robotics
    • Basic principles of robotics
  • Selection of the robot based on various criteria
    • Manipulators and their additional components
    • Linear units and positioners
  • Overview of the different KUKA controllers
    • Principle and function of the 4th generation control cabinet
    • Connection of the periphery or field buses to the KUKA controller
    • Connection of the external axes to the KUKA controller
  • Overview of different KUKA software components
    • KUKA system software and KUKA.WorkVisual configuration environment
    • Application software
    • Hub technology software


  • Familiarization with system safety using KUKA controllers
    • Function of KUKA.SafeOperation software
    • Control cabinet configuration examples
  • Introduction to the topic of Industrie 4.0
    • KUKA.Connect
  • Familiarization with lightweight robots and mobile robotics
    • Sensitive lightweight robot
    • KUKA Sunrise system software and Sunrise Workbench programming environment
    • Mobile platforms and navigation solutions

Membership benefits

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Who Should Attend

Cell planners and designers, system integrators


Technical training is helpful


5 days

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