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Industry 4.0 Training Programmes


The Industry 4.0 Skillnet is proud to offer our range of training programmes on industry 4.0 technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and the Industrial Internet of Things.

Industry 4.0 Technologies

Introduction to Industry 4.0

This programme will  introduce the participants to Industry 4.0 and how to incorporate it into different kinds of industries. 

Industry 4.0 Technologies

Virtual & Augmented Reality for Industry

 An overview of the technologies and how they can be used in industrial applications. This programme will give the participant an understanding of the technologies involved and showcase the benefits of AI to business.

Industry 4.0 Technologies

AI Business Strategy Workshop - Skellig AI

In this session we will introduce AI and what’s different now. Critically we will consider AI in terms of business value and take you through real world case studies where AI has delivered tangible value. We explain how you can get started on considering your AI strategy, from understanding the value of data to the business goals AI can realise.

Industry 4.0 Technologies

Building an AI Model using Deep Learning - Skellig AI

This course walks people who are new to AI through the fundamentals of how AI algorithms work to building advanced models that outperform human level accuracy

Internet Of Things

Fundamentals of IoT

Introduce online participants to the use of Internet of things (IoT) where they will learn how to use new and emerging technologies to improve everyday or near obsolete tasks.

Register Your Interest in our Industry 4.0 Courses

If you are interested in any of the below training programmes, or you need help deciding which will benefit you the most, do not hesitate to get in contact with our team of dedicated experts. To learn more about industry 4.0 for the construction and quarrying industries visit Future cast here.

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