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Industrial workforces are being pressured like never before. The systems they must productively design, operate, and maintain are more connected and complex. Roles and responsibilities have expanded, requiring more diverse skillsets. 

We want to help educate the modern business on the strategies, implementation, and benefits of Industry 4.0 technologies. Our programmes will help businesses get ahead of the curve and remain competitive.

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Training Programmes

Industry 4.0 Technologies

Industry 4.0 is a term that covers a spectrum of technologies that aim to make work “smarter”. These technologies, when properly implemented, can increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs in the long term.

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Siemens Training Programme

Siemen’s range of PLC training programmes are now availible through the Industry 4.0 Skillnet at a significant discount. These training programmes are range from entry level Siemens Portal system servicing, to advanced Siemens programming. 

Training Programmes

Rockwell Automation PLC Training Programmes

A range of programmes built to educate the operator on  equipment from industry leaders  Rockwell. These courses will provide you with the skills to build, debug and implement these systems in your industry.

Training Programmes


Our robotics programmes aim to equip the practicioner with the skills to operate robotics from key providers. Our courses are hosted in partnership with industry leaders such as KUKA  to give you the best understanding of industry wide systems.

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BIM Technologies

BIM has many advantages connecting teams, workflows, and data across the entire project lifecycle—from design and engineering to construction and operations— in order to realise better ways of working and better outcomes.

Festo Diadetic Learning Programme

Festo LX Didatic Individual eLearning Courses

Coming Soon.