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Festo Didactic – Digital Learning Experience Portal

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Course Description

The digital Learning Experience Portal offers professionally prepared training content for many technical subjects. Festo LX combines industry expertise with educational knowledge, creating a unique learning experience. Festo LX is based on multimedia learning nuggets that are worked through one by one and can be put together to form customized learning paths. Courses can be easily adapted and thus perfectly tailored to the individual needs of teachers and students. Thanks to the clever combination of eLearning courses and practical exercises on Festo LX students will be sure they are ready for working in the high-tech industry.

Upcoming Dates

On demand.

Membership Benefits

Find out how a free membership to the Industry 4.0 Skillnet network can save you up to 30% on this programme.


Customised to you.

Programme Agenda

Each of these programmes are tailored to the needs of the individual. A curated agenda of different modules can be created to allow for maximum return for the participant.

We have modules in:

  • cLearning
  • Pneumatics
  • CNC theory
  • Hydraulics
  • Metal Work
  • Electrics
  • Electronics
  • Industrial Safety in the workplace
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