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KRC4 Robotic Programming 2 – KUKA

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Price €3,195

The Industry 4.0 Skillnet offers a discount on this training programme. 

Course Description

This programme is run in conjenction with industry leaders, KUKA Robotics.

The aim of the seminar is to build on the basic skills taught previously and to learn the basics of the KUKA high – level programming language KRL and apply it in structured robot programs 

During class you will learn about:

  • The fundamentals of KUKA’s KRL programming language
  • Intermediate KRL
  • Using KRL with KUKA robots

Course Agenda

  • Successful programming with KRL (KUKA Robot Language) and WorkVisual 
  • Workflow of a programming project for robot programs 
  • Structuring and streamlining robot programs with KRL 
  • Programming with conditional statements and branches 
  • Programming with loops (Counting, Rejecting, Non Rejecting) 
  • Working with variables 
  • Declaring, initialising and manipulating simple data types 
  • Declaring, initialising and manipulating arrays 
  • Declaring, initialising and manipulating composite data types (structures) 
  • Declaring, initialising and manipulating enumeration data types 
  • Programming KUKA messages
  • Notification, Status, Acknowledgment, Wait and Dialog messages
  • Programming with important system variables
  • Creating and modifying programmed motions in KRL 
  • Calculating and manipulating robot positions 
  • Programming relative motions 
  • Programming geometric offsets for robot positions 
  • Programming logical functions in KRL 
  • Programming wait functions 
  • Programming simple switching functions 
  • Programming path-related switching functions 
  • Path-related calling of subprograms in the program sequence 
  • Linking robot programs 
  • Using global and local subprograms 
  • Programming with transfer of parameters

Upcoming Dates

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Membership benefits

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Who Should Attend

Programmers and service technicians who want to build on their experience in KUKA systems.


The participant must have completed our KRC4 Robotic Programming 1 programme before joining this programme.


5 days

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