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Building an AI Model using Deep Learning

Course Description

This programme is run with industry leaders, Skellig AI.

After completing this programme the participant should have an understanding of the fundamentals of how AI algorithms work by building advanced models that outperform human level accuracy

During class you will learn about:

  • Principles of deep learning (understanding how a machine learns and what types of problems AI can be used to solve).
  • Computer Vision (analysing camera feeds to understand what is happening in images, for applications in warehouse management, autonomous machines, digitising documents and fault analysis).
  • Natural Language Processing  (analysing and deriving actionable insight from unstructured data).
  • Sentiment Analysis (understanding someone’s intent from text data).
  • Tabular (understanding and making predictions based on traditional spreadsheet type data).

Who Should Attend

Engineers and software developers new to AI seeking an intimate understanding of how to build a useful and applicable system for industry.


Participants should have a working knowledge of Python 3.0 syntax to properly engage with this programme.

Upcoming Dates

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Membership benefits

Find out how a free membership to the Industry 4.0 Skillnet network can save you up to 30% on this programme.

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