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Fundamentals of IoT

Course Description

After completing this programme the participant should have a basic understanding of the terms, concepts and technologies that make up the internet of things. This programme will introduce the participant to the technologies used and be informed of the latest developments in the field. This knowlege will then be applied to case studies to examine how AI can help improve everyday tasks.

During class you will be taught about key technologies such as:

  • Sensors, circuits and networking
  • IoT architecture
  • Cybersecurity

Course Agenda

  • Introduction to IoT​
  • IoT applications​
  • IoT Architecture​
  • Sensors , Circuits, Embedded Systems, Connectivity and Networking​
  • IoT and Edge Computing​
  • Security & IoT​
  • Case Studies​
  • Various industries​
  • Opportunities and challenges​
  •  5G​
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • The future of IoT  ​

Upcoming Dates

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Who Should Attend

Individuals who have little technical experience but want to find out how these technologies could improve their company.



This is an entry level programme for individuals without previous experience in IoT technologies.

Membership benefits

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