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Industry 4.0 and the Digital Transformation.

Join us for a series of free webinars on how industry 4.0 is set to revolutionise industry across Ireland. This series is presented by our resident team of experts as well as our partners in industry.
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The industry 4.0 digital transformation series is a four-part webinar that aims to show how Industry 4.0 technologies can revolutionise all kinds of business. A range of industry experts from our partner companies such as Skellig A.I., Utility AR and IT Sligo will be invited to discuss the merits of industry 4.0 technologies and how to use them. This free interactive webinar aims to answer questions such as:

  • What is Industry 4.0?
  • How can Augmented Reality save me money?
  • Is Artificial Intelligence useful for a small business?
  • Is the internet of things going to be difficult to manage or implement?
  • What are the next steps?
Industry 4.0
Smart Factories

Module 1


Introduction to Industry 4.0
Smart Factory & CPS
I4.0 in Ireland
Guest speaker – Dr Muhammed Mahmood Ali     (IT Sligo)


Module 2


Digital twins
Augmented, and Virtual Reality for Industry
Patrick Liddy – Utility AR


Module 3


Additive manufacturing
Big data
Artificial Intelligence in Business Strategy
Iain Keaney –


Module 4


Future trends
Road map of advancement
Build your own roadmap
Robotics and Automation
Brian Cooney – KUKA Robotics

Webinar 1 (14/09/21)
Webinar 2 (21/09/21)
Webinar 3  (28/09/21)
Webinar 4  (05/10/21)

EU Funding Workshop 

Learn how to find, access, and apply relevant grants and funds for your business. Many businesses unintentionally ignore the opportunity presented by the many funds and grants available at a national, EU and international level for businesses of all kinds. This webinar will show you the variety of funds available to digitise or improve your business.
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This four part workshop will equip participants with the knowledge and techniques to secure funding at an EU level for their projects.All industries will find this webinar useful for securing grants and funding to pay for their continued R&D, development, and innovation in Industry 4.0 and beyond.

This workshop will use case studies and scenarios to show how the many grants and funding calls can be harnessed to help you make your company more competitive.

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: Free to attend

Learning outcomes:

  • Participant is more familiar with researching and finding relevant grants
  • Becomes accustomed to the grant application process
  • Becomes proficient in the EU grant process
  • Be able to apply this knowledge to their own project


EU Funding Workshop (Thurs 16th Dec, 2pm)

Learn how to find and apply for EU funding for your project,

Artificial Intelligence Workshop

Have you ever wondered at what Artificial Intelligence is? Or how it can impact your company? The AI workshop will answer these questions and equip you with the tools to properly utilise AI in your context.
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After completing this programme the participant should have a fundamental grasp of the possibilities presented by AI and how it can be effectively integrated into the business. 

In this workshop you will learn about:

·       The role AI plays in business today, beyond the hype.
·       Overcoming the barriers to adopting AI in your business.
·       Developing your AI strategy.
·       Case studies of AI delivering real value in industry.



The program will run over two mornings, 21st and 28th Oct, for about 30 minutes and costs €50 which will go straight towards UNICEF’s “Get a Vaccine, Give a Vaccine campaign”.

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