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Introduction to Autodesk BIM with Engineering Documentation Sligo

Course Description

We are very proud to be an Autodesk Authorized Training & Certification Centre as well as a working BIM practice. This blend of academic and practical skills gives us access to latest methods, software and people when it comes to BIM implementation. Whilst we aim to tailor our BIM courses to the requirements and skills of the attendees, we always place a strong emphasis on ‘real world’ scenarios rather than just present an idealistic view of how the processes should be employed. Our position as an industry leader in BIM services affords us a view on how the BIM process is actually implemented in the field, allowing us to thoroughly prepare our clients for what will really happen on site. Our training courses are spread over 2 full days to allow the trainee time to cover the course material and also affords them a chance for practical application of these skills.

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